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Russian Brides Agency at a Glance

Industry leadership

Russian Brides Agency provides a World leading service to its clients. This doesn't mean that we have been in the industry for decades, or were first online, or have hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Our service is, so far as you are concerned is focused on each and individual client. Since we and our partners have been operating, our clients have told us that they don't really care about how long we have been around or how many other clients we have, they just care about us working for them - just like


There is a greater purpose that guides Russian Brides Agency than just profit making. Happy couples, balanced children, safe communities are our rewards as much as financial rewards our clients bestow on us for helping them save time and money, to say nothing of the emotional investment. There are some rewards money can't buy.


No, we are not on "a mission from God", but we have a mission to help those looking for the safety of a traditional family. That doesn't mean you will have a boring life of drudgery. On the contrary, our advice will help you find a mate who will always put a sparkle in the relationship. What you will get in a traditional family relationship is a sense of emotional and mental freedom and sense of ease with your partner.

Client range

Our clients range from 18 years old to retired. We seek to help young people avoid mistakes that can be costly to them. On the other hand we also appreciate that people who find themselves alone in their twilight years may have problems forming new relationships after a lifetime in a successful marriage or singledom.



DM PLANET (The is a trademark of DM PLANET) offers a comprehensive set of sites with different features and services in the fields of matchmaking and dating for clients serious about seeking a safe and reliable path to stable relationships. Highly sophisticated software engine and our flagship product, the Personality Interpreter designed, developed and tested over a decade by a team headed by a professional and talented young psychologist using technology that was previously available only to the Russian Federation's national security agencies help you leverage its clients personal relationship.

Management Team

Nikolay Grebnev MSc., is the Director of DM PLANET, as well as its Chairman of the Board of the Directors and Secretary/Treasurer, also has the operational role of heading the IT development. A programmer and a economist by education, Nikolay began his career in the defense industry, taking part in several defense projects. In 2000 he set up SoftEnergo (a software company) that has grown to 15 full time workers under his management without any financing . He is currently completing his PhD.

Irina Grebneva MSc, MA Eng., MA Psy., is DM PLANET's Director of Operations and President, who is the original concept developer of the service, responsible for office operations, staff training and client liaison. Irina is also the franchise liaison Manager. A programmer by training, Irina made a conscious decision to change her career direction to pursue the goals in the HR industry. She has never regretted the change.

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